Education and industrial training revolution trust


Educational and Industrial Training Revolution Trust

"If you Can't feed 100 people, just feed one" - Mother Teresa

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Established in 2015

Since 2008, we have been functioning, but in 2015, we officially registered our trust as a non-profit organisation under the name “Education & Industrial Training Revolution Trust.”

More than 5000 students have received education so far, along with 3000 in professional fields and 500 in non-government education. Over 2000 students have already received computer training and sewing training through collaboration with the “Madras Mechanical Institute”. And also, in partnership with “Smart Focus Academy”, we have trained more than 500 students in government education since 2019.

I’m pleased to announce that our Education & Industrial Training Revolution Trust is prepared to collaborate with anyone who is ready to join this significant educational service.

Do good things and have good times.

-Abubakar Siddiqui


Enabling equal access to quality education, our mission is to empower individuals, transform communities, and foster lifelong learning.


To be a leading force in shaping a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive through transformative education.


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