Education and industrial training revolution trust


Educational and Industrial Training Revolution Trust

"If you Can't feed 100 people, just feed one" - Mother Teresa

For General Enquiry - 8680058477

Help struggling people to get their basic needs

People are getting affecting by poverty everyday, some die because of they don't get enough basic survival needs, so we decided to provide basic needs for their life like food, daily needs and grocery

Scholarship Program for poor students to pursue their education​

Education is a powerful tool for basic survival that's why we provide education to the children who are finically affected and unable to study

"Make a Difference: Your Donation Changes Lives!"

You donation to our trust students can help on their educational needs.

Help poverty people to get skill education

We also help people to get jobs in companies to solve problems of youngsters who are in poverty level


Providing skill training for the jobless or students who want pursue to get in top companies and paid well and get recovered from the poverty life

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